Beyond Duty

When Northstar Security Firm investigates the blackmail of a U.S. Senator, agents Riley O'Neal and Mary "Chip" Anderson don the unwelcome cover of newlyweds to find two kidnapped women and stop the blackmail - and posing as newlyweds to avert a national security crisis is a lot harder than it seems.

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Northstar Security agent, Riley O'Neal, balks at posing as anyone's husband for an assignment. Nevertheless, to rescue the kidnapped wife of a U.S. Senator, he'll perform his duty and do his best to resist the charms of the very woman who deceived him on a previous mission.

U.S. Army Lt. Mary "Chip" Anderson is uneasy about the undercover assignment to pose as newlyweds. Concealing her attraction to Riley while staying focused on the task, may be the biggest challenge. Despite efforts to remain objective, enforced proximity ignites emotions and a desire to make the fake honeymoon real.

When Chip is kidnapped during a botched rescue attempt of the senator's wife, both women become pawns in the case that threatens the nation's security. Riley must remain objective, save the women, and avert the threat. But after that, can he convince Chip that she wants to wear his ring forever?

What Reviewers are saying about Beyond Duty.

 "Ms. Fletcher has a way with a story let me tell you. I adore this lady's work. She has created a phenomenal story line with great characters that quickly became friends. I cheered for their victories, feared for their lives a few times, and let out a sigh of relief after each major drama." ~ Reviews by Crystal

"An excellent read." ~via Netgalley Goodreads

The Romance Review "I really liked the suspense plot in this book. It was fast paced, plausible and kept you guessing."

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